Taski® Swingo® 855B BMS Battery Auto Scrubber - 20"

Taski® Swingo® 855B BMS Battery Auto Scrubber - 20"

Item # JD-D6185173

  • A battery-powered auto scrubber that offers maximum agility in confined ares with a dual-axle system that allows the machine to literally turn on the spot.
  • Rated voltage: 24V; Battery capacity: 5070 ah/C5
  • Battery runtime: Up to 2 hours; Solution tank: 11 Gal.
  • Recovery tank: 11 Gal.; Nominal consumption: 900 W
20", ea
Alternate #D6185173

BMS Battery Management System: The battery charger, which is integrated in the machine, prevents deep discharging of the battery and monitors the charging process. Power cord length of integrated battery charger is 10'


  • The machine's patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, yielding excellent soil removal.
  • All components needing frequent maintenance are color coded in yellow and can easily be removed without tools.
  • Comes standard with IntelliFlow[TM] and is IntelliDose[TM] and IntelliTrail[R] ready.
  • The use of high-tech material and long life components enhance the machine's uptime while reducing service and repair.
  • The machine's dashboard is virtually self-explanatory with easy to interpret images allowing trouble-free operation.
  • The need for minimum operator training increases productivity and end-user safety.
  • Ideal for building service contractors for use in schools, hospitals and retail stores.
  • Machine weight ready for use (power) 353 lb.


  • Turning Circle: 3'
  • Brush System: 1 x 20"
  • Brush Pressure: With wheel drive: 95 lbs.
  • Working Speed: 2.8 mph
  • Squeegee Width: 27"
  • Sound Level: 58 dB(A)
  • Electrical Protection Class: I/II
  • Approvals: CE/CB Test cert.
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